Spray Tanning FAQ's

What do I wear? 
While being sprayed: You can wear what ever makes you comfortable.  Some women wear a tank and shorts, some an old bra and undies, some go topless, some nude.  Just know whatever you keep on you will have a tan line.
(For men, we require trunks or briefs of some kind.) 
Afterwards: You will want to wear loose, dark clothing for about 2 hours.

How long does it take? Your should be in and out in 15 minutes - its fast and easy!

How long does it last? Everyone is different, but on average your tan will last 5-7 days. Factors that apply are: frequency of showering, perspiration, and hydration levels.

What do I do before I get sprayed? Exfoliate (we recommend our enzyme scrub) and shave or wax.
Do not wear lotion the day of getting your spray tan - it creates a barrier and may prevent even coverage.

What do I do after I get sprayed? Do not shower or perform activities that will cause you to perspire for 8 hours (4 hours with Express Solution) and use our tan extender lotion for the longest tan possible.